Frequently Asked Questions

Event planner, help with hotel site selection, RFP management and contract negotiation. Worldwide

Can ORIGIN work with any hotel in the world?

Absolutely! Just because we're based in Boston doesn't mean we only serve Boston organizations. ORIGIN will work in almost any location and will secure hotels anywhere in the world for your next event, while still delivering the same unparalleled cost savings and service.

Luxury Hotel Room with 50 inch flat screen and fantastic view.

Will ORIGIN help if we just need a hotel room block with no meeting required?

Of course.! The simple process remains the same. In most cases you'll actually have more hotels to choose from. We can also help with social room blocks, such as family reunions and weddings. The only requirement to use ORIGIN is the need for a minimum of 10 guest rooms per night.

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Will the hotel raise their rates to include ORIGIN's fee?

Never! All the details are fully transparent in the hotel contract. We will walk through everything with you and answer any questions way before signing any hotel documents. 

Hotels pay us from their marketing budgets. They would much rather pay a small fee to get definite business than spend a ridiculous amount of money on an additional social media campaign or magazine advertisement, with no guaranteed return on investment. 

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We already have a relationship with the hotel we use every year.

That's fantastic! However, we are a free service. Why not get a proposal from a few other hotels just to see what they can offer? Perhaps we can find a newer property, in the same location, with lower rates and more value-adds. The hotel you use will still be there the following year. You never know, maybe the attendees will enjoy the change of venue as well?

Hotel Event Space, with built in audio-visual. Free service for corporate and association events.

We are currently using another hotel site selection company.

That means you're smart, efficient and know the value of time. You're on the right track! With Origin, we have the in-house hotel sales experience the others can't always offer. Companies that we won't mention, don't require their "experts" to have hotel experience. They will hire just about anyone, because they get a cut from the business that person books. Most times in the range of 50%! They may claim they train their associates in a classroom setting but this is not efficient enough when you're in the trenches, negotiating with seasoned hotel sales teams. 

Years of experience, in actual hotel and resort sales is required to secure substantial savings and risk mitigation for the company that hires you. 

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We already use the Convention and Visitors Bureau.

CVB's are great, however, they don't negotiate on your behalf to get the lowest room rates and the best contract terms. That's not what they're trained or hired to do. They are trained to promote their local city. More often than not, they have little to no in-house hotel sales experience. What if you are looking at multiple cities for your event? You would have to use a CVB in each city!! This can get crazy, fast! Origin is your partner for all cities, almost anywhere in the world. We have a proven track record of success when it comes to large savings and contract negotiation. Please click on Testimonials in the menu bar at the top of the page or on LinkedIn below.

ORIGIN Meetings is accredited by IATAN

Make sure you're working with an accredited partner! There are many 3rd party organizations that don't meet the strict industry standards to receive IATA accreditation. This means they are not a hotel trusted entity and will be extremely limited in what they can offer.