Frequent Destinations

ORIGIN books hotels all over the world! Here are just a few videos of cities we frequently visit.

Boston, MA

Boston is not only our home town but it's also very manageable for corporate events if planned properly. This tier 1 city can be expensive during peak times but offers a lot of activities, most within walking distance.

After all, Boston is "Americas Walking City."

Berlin, Germany

Take a glamorous and culturally dynamic capital, add a couple of devastating world wars, build a wall that divides it in two for 30 years. Then, tear down the wall and start rebuilding the city! This time add generations of young creative minds from around the world. 

This is why you need to visit Berlin for your organization's next meeting!

Portland, OR

When we book a group into a new city, we like to showcase the activities that make it so exciting! Portland is one of those cities where everywhere you turn you discover a new gem! 

Austin, TX

 Live music central. Legendary BBQ. World-class amenities. Tech-friendly. The same qualities that make Austin a popular leisure destination make it an alluring meeting spot. With so much to do, give your attendees the ultimate local experience. 

Philadelphia, PA

Philadelphia is not quite like life anywhere else. The city is full of peculiar traditions, passions, pop culture references, customs, and quirks that make it a unique and interesting destination for groups.

Baltimore, MD

Kevin Plank, the billionaire CEO of Under Armour, has made Baltimore both his company’s global headquarters and a laboratory for grand experiments in urban renewal. Hiding in plain sight is a world of genteel row houses giving way to working-class food markets and enclaves of Greek Revival magnificence. Inner harbor is not to be missed.

San Francisco, CA

Before it was renamed San Francisco, this small city by the bay was called Yerba Buena. Yerba Buena means, "Good herb" in Spanish.  Each day in San Francisco is a unique experience. The people are sophisticated yet grounded and practical. The food and wine scene is top 5 in the country. A wide variety of eclectic neighborhoods and cultures keep us coming back!

San Diego, CA

It's called California's 2nd largest city!  San Diego's arts & culture and culinary arts are booming. The hottest, new culinary arts talents prepare award-winning meals throughout the region's 6,400 eating establishments. Balboa Park, the largest urban cultural park in the U.S., is home to 15 museums, numerous art galleries, beautiful gardens, the Tony Award-winning Globe Theater and the world-famous San Diego Zoo.