Green meeting to discuss climate change and sustainability.

We Take a Stand on Climate Change!

Producing a "Green Meeting" with Origin.

There's a lot of talk these days about climate change, sustainability and how we can do our part to help reverse the current global warming situation. At Origin, we will always make suggestions on how to reduce your carbon footprint during event production. However, if you REALLY want to make a difference, you can join our new program - The Green Meetings Circle (GMC) along with other influential companies who are dedicated to make a change!

When you're a GMC member, a percentage of your company's meeting revenue will go towards supporting organizations that are directing boots on the ground efforts to make an impact. We've selected the World Wildlife Fund and Charity Water, due to the clear impact they make on a global scale. By preserving land and planting trees, we guarantee to keep earth's lungs alive. By getting clean water to small rural towns, we free up the children to attend school. This in turn, educates them so they can support their families.. Otherwise, it's the same poverty stricken lifestyle, generation after generation. Studies show, with poverty and lack of education, comes pollution. 

The positive? You are helping to break this continuous cycle! 

Imagine what an impact you can make! Ask us how to get involved.


Charity Water

World Wildlife Fund